There are many things to consider when shopping for a new home for your family. As a potential homeowner, you will want to explore the area that you are about to make your homebase. Go for a stroll around the neighborhood; take note of the restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and grocery stores. It’s important to learn how close all of these destinations are to your home. Can you easily walk to that delicious pizza joint down the street? If you need to run out quickly because you ran out of cream for your coffee, can you walk to the market or do you need to drive 30 minutes before you reach the first grocery or convenience store? This idea is called your home’s “walk score” and it can make or break your decision to buy a house. A walk score is ranked on a scale of 0-100 with the top scores of 90-100 meaning that a car is not required to complete most daily errands and the lowest scores of 0-24 meaning that you will be almost completely dependent on your car or public transportation.

walking scoreAs you can see in our animated gif, we’ve ranked some of the most classic homes in American history on their walk score. While some had fantastic scores, others fell a little short. The Goonies have an average walk score of 42, meaning that they could walk most places, but it may have taken them a little extra time to get there. That may be why Bran borrowed that little girl’s bike to get around town and find his brother. With a score of 11 Hugh Hefner and the playboy bunnies probably don’t often walk to the grocery store for their weekly necessities. The White House comes in with a walk score of 83, which is above average, but we’re guessing that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama don’t often get to walk to their favorite restaurants due to security reasons.

Next time you are in the market for a new home, make sure you consider what the walk score will be. Check the proximity to local restaurants, markets, schools, and shops and find out if the home’s walk score is comparable to Paul Revere’s house or on the same level as Monticello.