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American Classic Homes has simplified this exciting and complicated process of building your home. Here is a helpful summary of your journey.

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    Mutual Acceptance

    Congratulations! We have reached mutual acceptance on the purchase of your new home.  Our promise is to guide you every step of the way with dedicated team members, who will listen to your needs and provide expert advice and award winning customer service.

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    Personalizing Your Home After mutual acceptance of Purchase and Sale

    If your home is complete or interior paint has started, you are ready to arrange financing. 

    If your home has not started (pre-sale) or has not reached interior paint, we will schedule a Builder's Meeting shortly after Mutual acceptance.  This is an exciting time as this is where our professional designers look forward to meeting with you to help you personalize your new American Classic home. 

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    Arrange Your Financing Within 14 days of mutual acceptance

    Work with you lender to ensure they will be able to provide timely financing that meets the terms in your Purchase and Sale Agreement. 

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    Watch Us Build Your Home The construction of your new home

    Our hard work begins. From when we drop lumber, it should take approximately 7-9 months to build your home, depending on the complexity. During this time, we will provide several progress reports along the way. 

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    Closing Date Approximately 60 days prior to closing

    Approximately 60 days prior to closing, you will be notified of the closing date and additional important information. This information is shared once we begin painting the interior of your home. 

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    Homeowner Orientation Approximately 1 week prior to closing

    One week prior to closing, our Head of Customer Service will meet you at your new home for your Homeowner Orientation. During the Homeowner Orientation, we will demonstrate and explain key features and important points regarding the mechanical components, maintenance, and warranty coverage of your new home. In addition, we will answer any questions you may have. 

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    Signing at Title and Escrow 2-3 days prior to closing

    We have finished building your home and your mortgage company is ready to finalize your loan. Once loan documents arrive at Escrow, your Escrow Officer will contact you to meet and sign all paperwork needed for closing.

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    Key Handover Day of closing

    Our Head of Customer Service personally hands you your keys and welcomes you to your new American Classic Home.

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    60 Day Quality Assurance Visit

    Approximately 60 days after you are enjoying living in your new American Classic Home, our Head of Customer Service will reach out to you and set up a Quality Assurance Visit. 

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    One Year Quality Assurance Visit

    At the end of the first year in your new home, our Head of Customer Service will reach out to you and set up a Quality Assurance Visit, where we will review and take care of any warranty issues that may have come up.


Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please let us know if we can answer anything further.

How do I get to personalize my new American Classic Home?

Shortly after the Purchase & Sale contract is accepted, a Builder's Meeting will be scheduled. During the Builder’s Meeting our professional design team will assist you with personalizing your American Classic Home by choosing from a curated collection of options and upgrades.

From the time lumber drops, it will take about 7-9 months (depending on the home complexity) until you receive the keys for your new home.

Our Preferred Lenders typically have some of the best mortgage rates in the industry. We have carefully chosen mortgage brokers who are experts in new home construction and recognize every family has a different financial story. These lenders are skilled at identifying the type of loan that works best for you. Even if you have already been prequalified by a lender, take the time to discuss your options with one of our Preferred Lenders. You will be pleasantly surprised at what they can offer you.

American Classic Homes takes great pride in ensuring every homeowner is supported long after they move in.  We provide a 1 year workmanship and systems limited warranty and a 5 year structural defect limited warranty. In addition, we will proactively reach out to you at 60 days and at 1-year for a Quality Assurance Visit to correct warranty items that may come up while you are living in your new home.

An escrow company is a neutral third party that will hold documents, funds, and instructions regarding your new home purchase. As a neutral third party, the escrow company helps facilitate the home buying and selling process.