Do you ever enter a room and just feel “off”? It’s hard to put your finger on it, but you perceive that something isn’t aligned well. Some rooms can inexplicably make you feel anxious, uneasy, or even angry, while others do the exact opposite. They instantly put you at ease, calm you, and nourish your energy.

Room design is an artform that’s informed by the ancient tradition of Feng Shui. While it was developed over the years for use in Eastern homes, its principals can also be applied to American homes as well. With these insights, you’ll be able to make your home relaxed yet energizing, while setting yourself up for prosperity.

Ensure that there is no line-of-sight from the front door to the back door.

If you can see out the back door from the front door, that means the chi in your house is flowing straight out of your home. Instead, make sure the chi has an opportunity to remain in the home.

American Classic Homes Feng Shui Line of SightKeep the path to your front door clean.

If the immediate path from your front door is obstructed by furniture, clutter, or trash, then incoming chi could be slowed down or even stopped. To prevent this from happening, make sure the path from your front door into your home is clear of any potential interference.

American Classic Homes Feng Shui Path to Front Door

Keep your house clear of clutter.

As the chi enters your home, you want it to remain fresh and not become stagnant. Keeping your house free of unnecessary clutter will help keep your home light and open.

American Classic Homes Feng Shui Keep Clean Clutter

Maximize natural light, with open windows and mirrors.

Natural light is essential in bringing in positive energy into your home. With ample light and plenty of mirrors, your home can be a warm, welcoming, energetic place to be.

American Classic Homes Feng Shui Maximize Natural Light

Make sure the stove is not across from the sink.

The stove is a source of the fire element. Placing it across from the sink all but ensures the fire energy will be drained from your home almost immediately.

American Classic Homes Feng Shui Stove Sink

Don’t point the stairway toward the front door.

As the chi flows into your home from the front door, it needs to have the chance to remain on the ground floor. If your stairway points toward the front door, all of the chi will flow upward, to your upstairs rooms.

American Classic Homes Feng Shui Stairway Front Door

Ensure your home contains a proportional amount of the five elements: Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal.

Striking a balance in feng shui is essential. If your home has a sufficient amount of each element, it will remain in harmony.

American Classic Homes Feng Shui Proportional Elements

Remove negative symbolism.

While certain decorations or wall art may appear harmless at first glance, they can foster a negative energy in your home. Remove all mounted weapons, scenes of war, and other negative outcomes to ensure your home fosters a positive energy.

American Classic Homes Feng Shui Negative Symbolism