The process of starting the search for your new home can be daunting. So many choices! It can be like hitting a car dealer’s showroom when you make contact. The salesperson puts on a big smile and hits you with the pitch. You’ve probably already done some research, but you want to kick the tires and inhale that new car smell to move you closer to a big decision.

Meanwhile, the car salesperson is sizing you up like a five-course meal.

That’s not what your new home buying experience should be. Most builders today utilize the helpful skills of an Online Sales Counselor (OSC) to gently guide you through the process of narrowing down your choices and getting answers to even the most minute questions. There is no sales pitch. The OSC’s job is to give you information that will help you determine the path to your new home purchase.

Why does it matter whether you search on your own or work with an OSC? Here are the benefits of working with an Online Sales Counselor when you’re buying a new home.

  1. You get fast answers.You will have lots of questions as you browse the Web, looking at homes, plans, developments, and builders. An OSC is your inside source for information, saving you time and giving you the detailed answers you might not find on your own. Remember, a website is designed to give you some information, not all. The goal of any website is to entice you to act.
  2. You can information on special programs.OSCs are on the inside. They know what sales incentives and financing are being offered at any given time. When you ask them a question, they will get you the answer or direct you to the knowledgeable source.
  3. They know the properties.The OSC is trained to understand the features of every community and the homes there. If you have certain criteria in mind—location, type of neighborhood, design features, or maybe need a home that will be available quickly—the OSC can show you your options.
  4. There’s no pressure.It is not the OSC’s job to sell a home. They don’t provide the property tour or review options and specs with you. Their job is strictly to be your information source, your connection to the builder and the community—but not the salesperson.

When you’re serious about finding the right new home and community for you and your family, start by talking to the homebuilder’s Online Sales Counselor. This person will contact you shortly after you leave an inquiry on the builder’s website. They will make themselves available to handle your interests until you’re ready to visit a community and take a tour. Think of the OSC as your personal, home-searching concierge. They will manage everything from sending you floor plans and elevations to connecting you with a lender and scheduling your personal tour. Maximize the efficiency and your time by accepting the help of an Online Sales Counselor, and you’ll discover how smooth the path to purchase can be.