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Warranty & Service

Excellence in Customer Service

At American Classic Homes, we want you to feel confident in knowing that your investment comes with our pledge that customer satisfaction is our number one goal. For three years in a row American Classic Homes has won Builder Partnership's Highest National Achievement Award for Customer Satisfaction. Our dedicated customer service team is highly experienced, and ready to respond whenever our homeowners have an issue.

Our quality assurance program has 4 main components:

1. Homeowner Orientation: Prior to closing (typically 5 days prior), our Customer Service Manager will walk through the home with you to create a list of issues to be corrected (known as a "punch-list"). At American Classic Homes, our goal is to have a zero item punch-list during this orientation.

2. 60-Day Quality Assurance Visit: Our team will schedule a walk-through meeting with you, approximately 60 days after move-in. Any issues will be documented and addressed in a timely manner.

3. One-Year Quality Assurance Visit: The same process used in the 60-Day Quality Assurance Visit is used after one year.

4. 24-Hour Customer Service: If there are significant issues that occur outside of these scheduled walkthroughs, our customer service team can be contacted for immediate service.

Warranty Requests

If you are having an Emergency: please contact our Emergency Customer Service Number at 206-681-7435.

For all other warranty requests the online warranty request system is available 24/7. Our Customer Service Team will be alerted immediately and get back to you within 24 hours to work out a resolution plan for all of your requests.

Click the link below to log a request: 

Warranty Request 
If you are a homeowner and have not yet been provided with a login, please contact our service team at: or call 206.588.1147 Ex 111.


American Classic Homes has two Customer Service Vans to ensure prompt and efficient service.

Maintenance Tips

Below, you will find a copy of our Recommended Home Maintenance Tips.

Download Maintenance Manual (PDF)